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Dear customers, sponsors and friends, we would like to thank you for your trust and support and we look forward to working with you in the coming year. We wish you and your families a happy Christmas.


Farewell to E.H. Axis TSF

The team from A bis Grand Prix regrets to announce that the elite stallion Axis TSF died as a result of heart failure at the age of 18 years.  The black stallion collapsed during a gentle morning session under his longtime rider Terhi Stegars. The vet, who was in the stable at that time, was unable to do anything other than pronouce death. Terhi also suffered a broken shoulder during the incident. The Finnish A squad rider celebrated the greatest successes of her career thus far with Axis TSF.  Axis came to Terhi as a young jumping stallion.  From that point on, she systematically built him up from young horses exams to Grand Prix. The pairs sporting highlights included participation in the European Championships, World Championships and World Cup finals.
Axis leaves a big gap, he was a very special horse, with a lovely character and a great charisma.


First Aid for Riding and Stables Accidents, 
Centre Equestre International Beaufort / LUX

Trainer: Christoph Geitz


Clinic with Richard White, Beaufort / LUX


National Championships Luxembourg

We are delighted that Mandy Zimmer, who has been training with Terhi Stegars for several years now, achieved an excellent podium finish. The Elite class was riden at Grand Prix level and all tests were marked by international judges.
Mandy with Saladin MZ achieved:
-Grand Prix 3rd place
-Grand Prix Special 2nd place
-Grand Prix Freestyle 5th place
The overall ranking placed her in 3rd position.  We congratulate Mandy and Terhi on this success and thank the organizers..


European Championships 2017 Göteborg / SWE

Terhi Stegars represented Finland for the thrid time at the European Championships this year riding the 11-year-old Oldenburg mare Thai Pee, Farewall III x Dormello, owned by Tanja Kayser.  The young mare, who was discovered by her owner as a foal and is now trained by Terhi, presented herself excellently. The test was the mares fifth Grand Prix so far and, despite minor mistakes, we are quite satisfied with the development and look forward to the future.
Many thanks to the Kayser family for their tireless support.


European Champinships Qualification 2017 Göteborg / SWE

Terhi Stegars was able to meet the qualifying criteria for this year's European Championship with all three of her self-trained Grand Prix horses: Axis TSF, Dalou Shan and Thai Pee. She will now travel to Sweden with her youngest horse, the 11-year-old Oldenburg mare Thai Pee.
We congratulate the owner Tanja Kayser and wish Terhi and her teammates good luck.


Clinic with Richard White, Beaufort / LUX


Clinic Richard White, Beaufort / LUX


CDI3* Deauville / FRA


Grand Prix Freestyle
-8th, Thai Pee


European Championships Qualification 2017 Göteborg / SWE

We are proud to announce that Terhi Stegars has qualified the mare Thai Pee, owned by Mrs. Tanja Kayser, for the European Championship.  Terhi has reached the qualification criteria with all three of her top horses: Axis TSF, Dalou Shan and now also with, Thai Pee.
We are very happy and thanks for all the support.


CDI4* Cappeln / DEU


Grand Prix
-8th, Thai Pee
Grand Prix Freestyle
-9th, Thai Pee


CDI3* Rotterdam / NED


Grand Prix Freestyle
-8th, Thai Pee


Clinic with Richard White, Beaufort / LUX


CDIO4* Uggerhalne / DNK

Terhi Stegars and her mare Thai Pee were part of the Finnish team at the Nations Cup in Denmark. Finland came in second behind Denmark.  For Thai Pee it was the first CDI4* in her career. We are particularly proud that the chief rider from A bis Grand Prix and our "Tipi" have also been able to qualify for this year's European Championship.
We congratulate Terhi Stegars, Henri Ruoste, Mikaela Lindh and Stella Hagelstam on their achievements..


CDN Welscheid / LUX


Grand Prix
-5th, Thai Pee
Grand Prix Freestyle
-4th, Thai Pee


CDN Beaufort / LUX


Grand Prix
-2nd, Thai Pee
Grand Prix Freestyle
-1st, Thai Pee
International Cup
-1st, Thai Pee


Rangliste Finnland 2016

Wie auch schon in den Vorjahren, gelang es Terhi Stegars auch 2016 die Rangliste in ihrem Heimatland mit deutlichem Vorsprung anzuführen.
Egal ob im internationalen Viereck oder auch auf nationalen Turnieren in Deutschland und in Luxembourg, unsere finnische Chefbereiterin macht durch Erfolge von A bis Grand Prix auf sich aufmerksam.
Wir bedanken uns bei allen Pferdebesitzern und Sponsoren, ohne die alles nicht möglich wäre.
Besonderer Dank gilt Familie Kayser für die langjährige Unterstützung.


Luxembourg / Deutschland Rangliste 2016

In der Dressur ist es Terhi Stegars auf Platz zwei der Luxemburgischen Rangliste und Platz 20 der Deutschen Rangliste die die Farben vom Club Hippique Beaufort trägt.
Wir freuen uns sehr über die beachtlichen Leistungen und bedanken uns bei allen Pferdebesitzern die uns ihr vollstes Vertrauen mit der Ausbildung ihrer Pferde entgegen bringen. Besonders stolz sind wir, daß Terhi diese Leistung nur mit ihren nationalen Erfolgen erreicht hat, da alle ihre internationalen Siege und Platzierungen nur in ihrem Heimatland Finnland gewertet werden.