Our partners, the horses, are not only the basis of our daily work; they are what makes this sport so special.

The chance to accompany a horse along the entire path of its life and rise with it on the ladder of success is something very special in the life of a rider.

We would like to introduce to you the horses that have a very special place in Terhi's life.

Axis TSF, victorious at GP level

Lod Luciano
Findus, victorious at S level

Doreen, victorious at GP level

Thai Pee, victorious at GP level

Valet, placed at GP level

Dalou Shan, victorious at GP level

Rash, victorious at S level, placed at Inter II level

Lord Luciano, victorious at S level, placed at GP level

Heartbreaker MZ, victorious at S level, placed at Inter A level

Lod Luciano
Teleste Romeo, victorious in young horses clases

Payano, victorious at GP level